Dominican Republic Threatens to Deport Haitian Families

What’s going on in the Dominican Republic is absolutely inexcusable. They had no problem with these people buying land, and paying their rent etc. Now they served eviction notices, so to speak. This news saddens me to see a nation get away with these actions and the U.S. not intervene. A country like Haiti which is riddled with issues and an economic collapse the likes which we haven’t seen (yet). Shame on the Dominican government, shame on the United States, the United Nations, and all of our allies. And us the people who neglected our values, vote people into office who have minimal concerns for our interests. We have sold out to shows like the Kardashian’s. Tidal music group, and other pop cultures.
This right here and right now is what matters..we have got to do better.


She’s beautiful


Her curves would make the winding roads jealous
Her eyes as deep and dark as the Pacific
Lips hold back her wildest desires
Skin chocolate smooth and caramel tone
But what I like most is the secret she hides
One that can only be exposed through her spread
Divide her thighs, take in her scent of pleasure
Her lust for your tongue
And dive.

It’s just sex



Ladies, if a man approaches you strictly with the intent of being sexual without the courtship, would you be offended? How should a man “court” a woman he’s pursuing for a booty call?
The biggest misconception I’ve witnessed is just that. Women still expect dinners, movies, good morning texts. If I’m putting in that kind of work, you better be single & looking damnit!! Lol, do yall agree or nah? Talk to me…

Better late than never.

Hey friends,


I realized I’ve never done an introductory blog sooo…here goes.
I’m a 30 yr old New Yorker by way of Panama. I’m a father, brother, son (duhh), uncle.
I was once very active at my local church but my idea about how relative the church is in my life has changed. Playing drums had been a passion of mine there for 10 plus years.
I’m now in a place where God is slowly revealing Himself to me again. Being far from perfect but experiencing so much in this short life that is but just a moment. I have a passion for teaching others, and helping them along the way on an array of topics. This can be anywhere from relationships, personal growth, manhood, fatherhood, struggles of being black, sex…yes. even sex. Why sex? It’s simple, sex is important particularly when you’re in relationship with someone. Sex can tell a lot about someone.
But that’s for another day! Lol, so I implore you to join me and share. To those who already have, I thank you and appreciate the feedback as always.


Relationship tips

Hey friends. I hope this note find you all well and in good health.

I’ve noticed a few relationship posts on here and thought it’s time to put one down for the team (men). And by men, I mean those who know how to nurture and take care of the women they’ve been blessed to have by their side.
A rare fete especially in this day and age, and not just men of my generation.
We can go on and on about how the media has diluted a lot of family values that have kept families together through the years. Before introducing shows about “guy parents” or “blended families”. But I digress,
Ladies here are a few short things a man will do when he’s feeling you. Again, a Man. Not your fwb. Not you ‘brother’, or even ya dude. But, your man.

-You can call him day/night if you have an emergency and count on him to be there. No questions asked.

-He would periodically check in with you throughout your day to make sure you’re good.

-He will cover ALL expenses on dates/outings, just because it’s the right thing to do.

-Always defend you whether popular or unpopular.  Because in this thing called “life”, we will come across folks who won’t like you no matter how beautiful, educated, or otherwise. To have a man who will stand by Your side when his family may have reservations will be all you need.
-Lift you up when your down. Emotionally. Spiritually. Physically (if ya nasty)
This is important because you need that support. There has to be more to life than free drinks, and boat rides. But you (ladies) gotta want that for yourselves.

Hope this helps!


Don’t give up.

Friends, good morning to you all.
Today I felt inclined to speak on a few things. Life, personal and character.

Ever been in a position where you’ve had to compromise yourself and moral standard to continue a relationship? Ever felt like you’ve always been given the short end of the stick in certain situations?
Perhaps you have given more than required. And perhaps you’ve had to be  the only one to stand alone. Does this make you weak? I think not.  I’ve gotten to a place where I can say with certainty, the opinion of others do NOT influence me. This can be a double edge sword, however. choose to hold steadfast (and I don’t just mean spiritual) but hold strong to your belief. People will do one of two things. Either understand,  and respect you for who you are, or turn on you.
We always want to be “understood”. But to those who’ve been driven through the mud, when friends and family have turned away. You’ve got to keep living. It’s no longer enough to stick your head in the sand and watch life go by.
If you suffered heartbreak. That’s a whole nother topic. But again, I challenge you to guard your heart First. No one else will.

Communication is one of the most vital parts of any relationship

Food For Thought


“Communication is one of the most vital parts of any relationship. We all speak English but, We all speak different languages. We all use the same words but, We all differ in terms of how we use them in context. It takes time learning your partner’s language, And it takes time for them to understand your’s as well. A lot of times couples will get into arguments with each other, Simply over a minor miscommunication. What another person said may not have been received properly because their mate couldn’t articulate and understand their language fully. The best way for you and your mate to understand each other’s language is to talk with a tongue of love and listen with a heart of understanding. Don’t just listen to reply, But listen to digest their words in your spirit. So many couples shotgun being in relationships and moving to fast without even…

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